💮 Natural Dried Sakura
💮 Natural Dried Sakura
💮 Natural Dried Sakura
💮 Natural Dried Sakura
💮 Natural Dried Sakura
💮 Natural Dried Sakura

💮 Natural Dried Sakura

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💮 Do you love Sakura as much as we do? It's no secret that everyone here at SpringSakura.com really loves Cherry Blossoms. From the first buds of the year, to the last petals to fall on the ground, the short period of time Sakura are blooming here in Japan is magical for everyone. If only we could make that magic last a little longer. Finally we can! We have collected some of the most beautiful natural Cherry Blossoms in a cute little package to share across the world any time of year!
💮 Our Supply Is Limited To Our Spring Harvest. Hurry And Place Your Order Today! If You Miss Your Chance, You Will Need To Wait Until Next Spring's Sakura Season. 💮
💮 Sakura may be famous for its beauty on trees in the spring, but what many people don't know is how amazing it is and all the other ways Cherry Blossoms are used!
Here in Japan, Sakura is used in:
💮Traditional Desserts💮

💮Sakura Wine💮
💮You can even make your own Sakura extracts, oils, or powders. The unique flavour makes it a subtle but delicious addition to foods and drinks, while the beautiful aroma can be used in oils or extracts to remind you of those perfect spring hanami days!
💮There are also a number of healthy benefits associated with Cherry Blossoms. We always think of Sakura as a special gift or treat, but having these subtle benefits makes us love them even more!
💮Each jar is 40-50 flowers (~25g total weight with ~5g of dried flowers. Because they are dried they are significantly lighter and we can offer more than other sakura teas) depending on flower size. Most Sakura-cha (cherry blossom tea) is soaked in salt and vinegar so you get much fewer flowers with the same weight. Because ours are naturally dried with no additives, we can offer more flowers and no salty vinegar taste. Only natural Sakura.💮 
💮We're so excited to share our joy of all things Sakura with you! You can enjoy your own little piece of Japanese beauty and tradition in your home.💮
💮Bundle your order now to save on shipping and have enough to share before they are all gone!! 💮

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Pictures are inaccurate

The dried sakura I got was brown and crumbly. Not at all like the pictures of pink dried flowers. The taste was not good. I will never buy again.


Woow, absolutely obsessed with it. The aroma, the smell, is absolutely out of this world. Thank you so much! Will definitely order some more!

Char S.
Still Learning

I'm still in the process of figuring out how to use the dried Sakura. It would be nice if you provided some instructions and ideas on how to use these.

Dried Sakura blossoms

I wanted to try this product as it sounded very different and unique. When made into a tea, the flavour is nice but very subtle. Four flowers were needed to obtain a stronger flavour. Pairs really well with any japanese sweet or a light cake. A taste of Japan at home 🌸

Christina Graham

💮 Natural Dried Sakura