💮 How To Make Your Own Natural Sakura Tea

The Easiest Way To Make Your Own Sakura Tea (Sakura cha 桜茶 or Sakura yu 桜湯)

Cherry Blossoms are one of the most famous and admired flowers in the world. Perhaps they are most famous for their long history and cultural importance here in Japan. In the spring we are treated to the beauty of thousands of blossoming Sakura trees across the country. 

There are a countless ways we celebrate and enjoy this time of year, but one of the simplest and most traditional ways is Cherry Blossom tea.

Making Sakura tea is a very simple process. While some make sakura tea with cherry blossoms that are preserved in salt and plum vinegar, we prefer using our pure natural Sakura flowers. While other preserved Sakura can have an overpowering salty taste, we want to be able to enjoy the delicious subtle flavours of the Sakura blossoms.

To make Sakuracha in the simplest way, you only need two things.

1. Dried Natural Sakura

2. Water


In it's most basic form, simply letting your Sakura soak in a pitcher, jar, glass of water will release the unique and subtle flavour of the sakura into the water. This process of course requires a little waiting, but by boiling water as with any other tea, the sakura will release the flavour more quickly.

Brew Sakura Tea

This is all that is needed for basic Sakura tea! However you are looking for something a little stronger, you can always brew any other of your favourite teas and simple add a few Cherry Blossom flowers in as well and enjoy the addition of that special flavour alongside your favourite teas.

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